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We at Isaiah 61 Ministries are excited about what God is doing! For approximately 3 years now, the Lord has been giving us a new vision for what He is doing in this ministry. You could say what we are experiencing is a paradigm shift.

Isaiah 61 Ministries takes you beyond what you might experience in a typical church service, offering you a life changing experience in just three short hours. Our main objective is to pursue helping people encounter God through inspiried worship and relevant application of God's Word for use in our daily lives.

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Worship & Healing Service

Guest Speaker - Gina Burk
Friday, February 12, 2016 (7:30pm)
Harford Community Center
Rt 543, 2504 Creswell Road, Bel Air, MD 21015

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A Word To Reflect On

The truth is that the degree to which we perceive the face of God corresponds directly to the degree of our yielding to the transforming work of the Holy Spirit into the image of Christ. The question for every believer is whether we will be satisfied with only a partial transformation or whether we will be so captivated by who HE is that we will allow HIM to kill everything in us that would inhibit us from becoming a mature manifestation of Christ.

This quest for HIS face is the ultimate quest. But to embrace the quest for the face of God, one must be ready to die. Thus, this quest is not a journey for the faint of heart. Still, I hesitate to warn of the cost of fully seeking HIS faceónot because a price doesnít exist; it costs everything. I hesitate because the reality is that what a person gets in return makes the price we pay embarrassingly small by comparison. The bottom-line is that we give all of ourselves to obtain all of Him. Thereís never been a better deal. When we go through with the exchange, we find that what used to matter doesnít matter anymore. Not only does everything in our lives that is inconsistent with the kingdom of God start to die the moment we encounter Him, but the superior, supernatural reality of His kingdom starts to come alive in us.

This journey is so sacred, so all-consuming, that very few respond to its call. Many things work to stifle the desire in us to seek the face of the One in whose image we were created. Still, the ultimate quest is quite doable and within reach. Every other journey and every other ambition pale in comparison. One might say this one challenge adds meaning and definition to all of lifeís other pursuits. Those who respond to the invitation find little else to live for. Those who say no, spend their lives looking for an adequate replacement. And there is none to be found anywhere.

...Pastor Bill Johnson, Face to Face with God

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